Smart Justice for a Safer Florida

FSJA Documents:

Florida Smart Justice Alliance 2013 Priority Issues – 2/19/13

Senate Bill 1032Correctional Reentry Treatment Facilities

Smart Justice Bill – Key Points – 2/19/13

Revolving Prison Doors – a visual display of Florida prison admissions and releases, highlighting the large portion of reoffenders and small number inmates receiving treatment – 2/19/13

Non-Violent Offenders – a graphic illustrating that non-violent offenses account for three of the top five reasons for commitments to the Department of Corrections – 2/19/13

Length of Florida Sentences – a graphic showing that the vast majority of Florida prison inmates receive short sentences – 2/19/13


From the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association:

2013 Funding Priorities: Department of Corrections

2013 Funding Priorities:  State Court System – Post Adjudicatory Drug Courts