Smart Justice for a Safer Florida

About the Florida Smart Justice Alliance

Formation of the Florida Smart Justice Alliance is the latest development in justice reform advocacy in Florida.  The Alliance is an outgrowth of Associated Industries of Florida’s Smart Justice Council, which was created to place greater advocacy emphasis on changes to improve public safety while reducing costs to the taxpayers.

The seeds of the Smart Justice Alliance were planted in the last decade, when Florida business leaders recognized that the state’s approach to criminal justice was costing too much without effectively reducing recidivism.  Members of the business community convened a Justice Summit in 2009, and came away resolved to find a better way. Led by such visionary organizations as Florida TaxWatch, Associated Industries of Florida and the Collins Center for Public Policy, these leaders are working to produce smart, reasonable and common-sense policy that enhances public safety through proven cost-effective measures that ensure offender accountability.
The Smart Justice Alliance’s goals are to:
  • Make Florida’s communities safer;
  • Save the taxpayers money; and
  • Hold offenders accountable while providing the tools for them to live law-abiding lives
Any serious attempt to create meaningful change in Florida’s approach to criminal justice must be comprehensive and include all stakeholders.  Therefore, mission Number One for the Florida Smart Justice Alliance will be to forge consensus among the broad range of affected parties – including law enforcement, prosecutors and public defenders, the judiciary, state government, victim rights groups, service providers and the business community. Members of the Alliance are working to develop policies that:
  • Minimize the extent to which children and the mentally ill are locked up;
  • Incorporate assessment tools to effectively guide sentencing diversion alternatives and reentry; and
  • Make greater system-wide use of evidenced-based programs that reduce costs and lower recidivism.
Join the Florida Smart Justice Alliance now to become a part of this historic process to make our communities safer and reducing the costs of Florida’s criminal justice system.